BEFORE making a HUGE investment, hire one of our certified professionals to help explain the best type of flooring, style, make that will suit your life-style, environment.  Understand how to properly care for your investment so it can last and look great.  As well as educate on good installation practices and how to find qualified and certified installers.

Moisture is a BIG reason for floor failures.  If you are concerned with insuring you have the proper environment for your large flooring investment, hire one of our certified inspectors to help make sure the home or office is ready for installation.

Often floor concerns can be corrected, we have knowledgeable and available certified installers that also have the talent to fix failing floors, localized areas like a few wood boards and those expensive carpets that are permanently stained.

Inspection Services

Why hire a certified floor inspector when you have a concern?  There is a time when a certified floor inspector is necessary to help discover the facts as to why the floor is not performing to your expectations.  This is when you are either a manufacture, retailer, installer or end user.  We report the facts to you.  Based on the facts and  conclusion provided in the report, it helps the parties involved come to a solution. We Inspect all types of flooring and cover all concerns with flooring.

We are a Nationwide floor covering inspection service providing qualified, certified inspections of carpet, area rugs, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, and porcelain floors in every city and town in all 50 States, and in all the Provinces of Canada. We have 864 flooring inspectors located throughout our vast trading area, along with 8 zone managers who constantly keep our inspectors informed with the latest product, installation, and maintenance updates.

Does your carpet show too much wear?
Can’t remove stains in your flooring?
Is your vinyl or linoleum floor dulling or yellowing?
Is your hardwood or laminate floor buckling?
Is your ceramic or stone floor cracking and chipping?

These are just a few of the issues we address. Any issues of your concern regarding your floor covering will be addressed in a knowledgeable, certified report.

After completing an on-site inspection, we formulate our findings in a certified report that is emailed to you, usually, within 1-2 days. If it is more convenient, we can send it via U.S. Mail. The founders of our company are from carpet, vinyl, wood, and ceramic manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

We have the ability to take photos, testify in a Court of Law, and we have a fully certified laboratory for very involved inspections and testing.

You will find our service courteous and efficient.

For a floor covering inspection, email us at or call us Toll Free at (855) 582-9747.